I started blues photography as a youngster in the fall of 1970 when the late great Muddy Waters visited my home town Helsinki. Thereafter I have focused on black Blues artists visiting Finland and, after 40+ years, my Blues photo archive boasts thousands of frames of hundreds of Blues artists, mostly in black & white. This archive is unique in Finland, presumably of high appraisal even internationally. All the major Blues and Jazz festivals in Finland have hosted my photo exhibitions, and overseas my Blues photography has been on display at the 55 Bar in New York City (2004), the Musicians Institute of Hollywood (2004), the Keeping the Blues Alive event in Memphis (2010), and the foremost annual European event, the Notodden Blues Festival (2014).

Link to list of my Blues Photography exhibits.

My Blues photography career culminated in January 2015 by the recognition of the Blues Foundation’s prestigious Keeping the Blues Alive (KBA) Award in conjunction with the annual International Blues Challenge event in Memphis. 


I’ve been heavily involved with the activities of the non-profit organization, Finnish Blues Society and its publication, the original Blues News magazine. Established as early as 1968 makes it one of the oldest journals, globally, devoted to African American music derivatives. I was the editor-in-chief of Blues News during the 1980s and have been the journal’s principal photographer throughout the past decades.

My love for the Blues is not only photography. I’ve been a record collector all my life and my collection of some 10 000 Blues albums (mostly by black artists) is probably one of the largest collections of black Blues music in Finland.

Wanna have a look at my album collection catalog (pdf), please click here.


Hard copies of all of the photographs in this website are for sale according to agreement (format, size etc).

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Pertti Nurmi
Tel. +358 50 500 3610


This is where it all began, way back in the fall of 1970…




The photographer (in the middle) with Tail Dragger and Bob Corritore (Nov 2011).


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